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Export to India from USA

DHL Facts

Locations: 242

Gateways into the Country: 5

Number of Service Centres: 45

DHL Delivery Zone: 8

Vehicle Fleet: 405

India: Country Profile
Population: 1.2 billion Exports from
US$ 313.2 billion (2013 est.)
Area: 3, 287, 263 sq km Export Commodities: Petroleum products, precious stones, machinery, iron and steel, chemicals, vehicles, apparel
Currency: 1 rupee (INR) = 100 paisa Top Export Destinations: USA, Germany, UK, Australia, UAE, Canada, South Africa, France, Japan, Nigeria, New Zealand
GDP: US$ 4.9 trillion (2013 est.) IMPORTS INTO INDIA
Time Zones: UTC +5:30; no summertime observed Imports into
US$ 467.5 billion (2013 est.)
Languages: 22 official languages including Hindi, English, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayam, Oriya, Punjabi, Assamese, Maithili Import Commodities: Crude oil, precious stones, machinery, fertiliser, iron and steel, chemicals
Ethnic Groups: Indo-Aryan 72%, Dravidian 25%, Mongoloid and other 3% Top Import Origins: China, Hong Kong, USA, Germany, Italy
Transit Times
The times provided for
dutiable shipments
are based on the time
expected for Customs
in India to clear
the shipment. This is
contingent upon the
value of the shipment.
Destination Non-Dutiable Shipment Dutiable Shipment
3 days 4 days
For an estimate of landed costs (duties, taxes and other import fees) for shipments going to India use the free and interactive DHL Express Trade Automation Services (TAS) tool, TAS also provides information on regulations compliance and trade documentation.

All goods shipments to India require Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation to be presented to Customs; otherwise shipments will go into Customs Bond until the documentation is presented. KYC is recognised by the Indian government as a form of identification. Go to to upload your KYC (includes listing of suitable KYC copy document types).

A GATT Declaration is required for shipments valued above INR 100, 000. Evidence of value must accompany the document.

A Letter of Authority is required so that DHL can act on the receiver’s behalf. DHL can keep this on file for future imports.

Duty exemptions may apply by virtue of specific circulars/notifications by Indian Customs. The receiver needs a valid Import Export Code (IEC) number unless the items are shipped for genuine personal use.

Export to India, Importers from India
Export to India, Importers from India
Pishro Goodbye(export from iran import to India)
Pishro Goodbye(export from iran import to India)
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