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Looking for Business Partners in Africa

Dear sir/Ma,

My name is Ayodele Joseph Adepitan MD / @#$%& of Truth Key Cargo Nigeria Limited, i will like to introduce our company profile and our services as i stated it below:-

Truth-Key Cargo (@#$%&) Limited is one of the fast growing indigenous Licensed Freight Forwarding and Clearing companies in Nigeria, Truth Key is incorporates by the Nigeria corporate Affairs commission in year 2002, we are freight forwarder company in Lagos, Truth Key office
is located at this address below:-

No.2, Dele Araoye Street,
Lagos, Nigeria
Hotlines: +231
Website : www.truthkeycargo.com

TRUTH KEY CARGO started with LCL business and ventured into FCL business follow by airfreight, project cargo handling by our own
offices within Nigeria and agents worldwide.The facilities and function in these brances are similar to Lagos sea Ports(Apapa/Tincan Port), PortHacourt
and Calabar Port also Lagos Airport, Abuja Airport.

We are represented in LAGOS, CALABAR SEA PORTS.
We operate our own customs brokerage at LAGOS Sea Ports Lagos sea
Ports(Apapa/Tincan Port), Port Hacourt and Calabar Port & LAGOS/ABUJA
International Airport (LOS / ABV).

At LAGOS PORT, TRUTH KEY CARGO associate office runs our own CFS inside the port area.

we have agents represent us in the following Countries below:- China, Dublin, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Southern Asia e.t.c. As a neutral CFS operator, we handled approximate 50 Tons per month
for both in & outbound shipments. We also operate transshipment hub at LAGOS SEA PORT for transshipment cargo to various parts of the world.
Our air cargo division service many international route and we consolidate domestics shipment weekly between North, South, East& West Nigeria.We load approximate 20 tons per month to all international destination.
We cater for large number nomination cargo via other agent around the world through good & friendly recommendation.

TRUTH KEY CARGO HQ has 23 well trained staffs to assist you in your international logistics requirement.

Export and Import LCL & FCL
Triangle Shipments @ Drop Shipment
CFS Operation
Customs Brokerage
Project Cargo Handling
Ship Agency
Tug & Barge Operator and Owner
Container Vessel Operator and Owner

Export and Import
Direct Loading
Domestic & International route
Project Air Cargo Handling
Warehousing and Delivery
Customs Brokerage

Affliate Airlines
1)Saudi Airline(sv)
2)Ethiopian Airline(ET)

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Source: www.africaguide.com
U.S.-Africa Business Forum: Partners with One Goal
U.S.-Africa Business Forum: Partners with One Goal
Looking for a Business Partner
Looking for a Business Partner
Internet Millionaire Stuart Ross Looking For Business Partners
Internet Millionaire Stuart Ross Looking For Business Partners
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