Only One-Half Of One Percent

Africa Export Import Bank

Executive Vice-President (Business Development & Corporate Banking)

Executive Vice-President (Finance, Administration & Banking Services)

Executive Vice-President (Corporate Governance & Legal Services) /Executive Secretary

Dr. Philip O. Kamau
Senior Director (Finance)

Mr. Samuel Loum
Director (Credit)

Dr. Hippolyte Fofack
Director (Research & Knowledge Management)

Dr. Robert Ochola
Director (Strategy & International Cooperation)

Ms. Kanayo Awani
Director (Trade Finance & Branches)

Mr. Kofi Adomakoh
Director (Project & Export Development Finance)

Mr. Robert Tomusange
Director (Administrative Services)

Mr. Amr Kamel
Director (Banking Operations)

Mr. Elias Kagumya
Director (Risk Management)

Mr. Stephen Tio Kauma
Director (Human Resources)

Mr. Samuel Mugoya
Senior Manager (Specialised Funding)

Mr. Abel Osuji
Senior Manager (Internal Audit)

Senior Manager (Corporate Finance & Advisory Services)

Mr. Obi Emekekwue
Senior Manager (External Communications)

Mr. Chandi Mwenebungu

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