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Johnson and Johnson Baby products South Africa

JOHNSON’S® baby brand has more than a century of helping mothers care for their babies. And we brought that expertise to develop our BEST FOR BABY NATURALS™ Standard that assures mothers that each of our JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® products is specially formulated and comprehensively evaluated to ensure it is mild and gentle for your baby.


The JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® product line includes three products for babies. These products contain:

  • At least 98% naturally derived ingredients
  • Our ALLERFREE™ fragrance, which is free from known allergens and rooted in natural ingredients

The products are dermatologist tested, contain no irritating essential oils and are dye free and paraben free.

Our Commitment to the Planet

We love babies as much as we love nature. That's why we at the JOHNSON'S® Brand are committed to preserving our earth's natural resources. So that our babies, and our babies' babies, can grow up in a healthy world.

  • Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. does not test products on animals
  • JOHNSON'S® Brand uses post-recycled materials to conserves energy and water in our production methods
  • JOHNSON'S® NATURAL® products have up to 60% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) packaging
  • JOHNSON'S® Brand supports the growth and use of sustainable palm oil

Moms around the world trust JOHNSON’S® to safely care for their babies

We are committed to working with moms, healthcare experts and scientists to ensure our baby products continue achieving the highest JOHNSON’S® baby standards.

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World’s Darkest / Blackest Baby recently born in South
World’s Darkest / Blackest Baby recently born in South ...
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