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Contrary to what people posted before me have said. People (Brain drain) is not our biggest export.
India exports a large variety of products worldwide. Notably:
1. Tools and Machinery - even State of the Art equipment
2. Automobiles - cars to 24-wheelers and more, fishing/naval vessels from the small to medium scale.
3. 3rd order or greater processed materials and advanced materials.
4. Farming/Mining vehicle based equipment - Tractors, mobile drill platforms and such.
5. Agricultural/Poultry/Husbandry/Horticulture products such as rice, wheat, spices, meat, eggs, sugar, vegetables, flowers, etc.
6. Processed forms from above such as jute fibers, natural fibers, cotton and wool yarns, etc.
7. Finished Textile products
8. Processed Chemical/Pharmaceutical/Petroleum products - India is the largest exporter of generic medicine, we have a very vast chemical industry which exports and satisfies a significant portion of the World demand. We're also one of the largest sellers/traders of processed petroleum products.
9. Artwork/Handicrafts and traditional/cultural goods - Sculptures, paintings, etc
10. Processed Wood, Stone and Metal products like granite monuments, marble tiles, utensils, cutlery, etc
11. Space Commerce - we lift satellites into orbit for other nations/corporations/entities for a price.
12. Nuclear commerce - especially manufacturing and sale of boilers, etc.
13. Arms industry - export of helicopters, small arms and ammunition, naval vessels such as patrol boats, missiles, radar and other support equipment and so on.
14. Services are exported - research support, active operational support, back office support even teaching services and equipment recycling services like ship dismantling and such are handled.
15. .

I could keep going on and on - India exports a large number/variety of goods/services and leads many countries in certain fields. It's easy to find out if you read the Business section or google "India trade goods - costs, quality and quantity" - these keywords will search and provide you with journals and publications or even summaries. It's hard to understand at first but get's easier with practice.

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